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What is a Beauceron?

The Berger de Beauce, also called Beauceron or <<Bas Rouge>> (red stocking) is a dog of harmonious proportions, strong, with short coat. Height is about, 65 to 70 cm for males, 61 to 68 cm female. It is a powerful dog with a solid bone structure. Muscles are well developed without being heavy. The head is rather long. Look is franc, expressing liveness and brightness. Natural ears droop. On the inner side of rear legs the Beauceron <<dewclaws>> more or less developed. The tail is long, forming a slight hook in the end. The coat is smooth on the head and legs, short, thick and firm on the body. The most common colour is <<black and tan>>. Tan makes high stockings on legs toning down progressively as going up. Tan is also present on both sides of muzzle, above brow ridge, on the chest, under the neck and tail. Some black marks called <<charbonnures>> (coal marks) can exist on the legs. These are the characteristics of the Beauceron or <<red stocking>>. There is a second variety called <<arlequin>>. The coat has black and grey (blue) hair with tan mark. Black and grey in equal parts. In addition to his aptitudes as a guardian or as shepperd dog, the Berger de Beauce is a very clever and polyvalent dog. It is a faithful dog, affectionate (and loving) towards family.

Am Grand CH Can CH Jaguar Noir des Monts du Lac
Am Grand CH Can CH Jaguar Noir des Monts du Lac

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